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Where's Pam parked this week?

Pamela is regularly booked out for private events, however she can often be found around town. Check to see if she's parked up near you......


19th January - Hylands Wedding Preview
29th February - Winter Pride Southend Charity Event
1st March - Hylands Estate Farmers Market
5th April - Hylands Estate Farmers Market
13th April - Essex Wildlife Trust Thurock
3rd May - Shotgate Family Fun Day
25th May - Essex Wildlife Trust Thurock
31st May - Discover 2020 Rochford District Festival
7th June - Hylands Estate Farmers Market
20th June - Westcliff High School for Boys Centenary Celebration
4th July - Aaron Lewis Foundation Fundraiser at Wescliff RFC
5th July - Hylands Estate Farmers Market
18th July - Silverends Scouts
20th September - Haven's Family Fun Day
4th October - Hylands Farmers Market
1st November - Hylands Farmers Market
6th December - Hylands Christmas Market