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We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional level of service from the very first moment you contact us. Our aim is to make things as easy as possible for you, so we always respond efficiently and courteously and do exactly what we say we will.

What is the minimum number of people you cater for?

We will cater for any number of people, but our minimum booking amount begins at £395.

How much does it cost to book you for an event?

Every event is different, and the price will depend on factors such as the menu, distance and timings of your event. Please contact us with your event details to enable us to provide you with an accurate quote.

What is included within the quote?

Our basic quote is based on cooking an individual 9" pizza for each guest and includes one trained pizza chef and an assistant, travel and transport costs, set up, disposable plates, napkins and flavoured oils.

How far will you travel?

We typically work across the whole of Essex usually within an hour of Southend, but please contact us even if you are outside this area.

How much space do you need to set up?

We typically need a reasonably flat area with vehicle access approximately 4.6m x 4.2m

Do you require access to electricity or water?

No, we are entirely self-sufficient, which gives us the flexibility to set up wherever works best for your event.

How long does it take to cook a pizza?

Our woodfired oven reaches temperatures above 400 degrees, so it takes just two minutes to cook a pizza and we can cook up to three at a time. On average we can cook 40 pizzas an hour.

How many pizza options can I choose?

We would always suggest no more then 4 pizza options at an event with 1 being a traditional Margherita pizza. All our vegetarian options can be made cheese free to satisfy a vegan/dairy free diet or we can substitute the cheese with a vegan mozzarella. Have a look at our sample menu which we can tailor to your tastes or budget.

Are you registered with council and do you have food hygiene and insurance certificates?

We are registered with Southend council and have a food hygiene rating of 5 which is the highest rating possible. Our pizza chef and assistant are both level two food hygiene accredited.

How do I secure the date for my event?

We need a 25% deposit to confirm the booking with the full balance required 7 days prior to the event.